Exercise is an essential key in keeping a person physically fit and in enhancing one’s overall wellness. Doing a regular exercise cannot just strengthen your muscles but it can also boost your immune system and prevent you from acquiring cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses. However, many people find it hard to engage in routine exercise especially women who have children and work at the same time. They are sometimes too tired to exercise or just do not have enough time to do that. Some women refused to exercise because of poor health, while others only need a little motivation to do that. There are some ways to motivate women to exercise and these include the following:

Encourage women to exercise. The first step is by simply talking it out. You should explain to them the importance of exercise. Awareness of the many benefits of exercise will surely enlighten their interests in doing so.

Give them gifts to get motivated. Women love gifts! You can start by giving them something that would help them do some exercises depending on their interests but make sure it does not appear offensive. For example, you can give your friend who loves dancing a copy of some at-home aerobics, educational CDs teaching jazz or pop dance steps, or anything of her interest that could make her get grooving.


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