Summer is the time when different footwear kicks in, but the most substantial choice for many women is the sandals. High-heeled sandals are on top of the list to add on that long summer wardrobe. With different colors, styles and materials to choose from, this is one flexible article of clothing that can be worn with different outfits. The only problem is choosing what to buy since the choices are infinite. There are four major considerations when choosing or purchasing a high-heeled sandal: a) material, b) color, c) style and d) heel height.

The material of the sandals should be taken into consideration since every factor is related to it like the comfort and the style. If one plans to wear them on a regular basis, it should be sturdy and comfortable. Also, the materials should last for a long time; it would be a waste to dispose of the sandals prematurely. It would be better if they are made of leather since it is a robust material and at the same time an elegant and chic. Such kinds of sandals are better in terms of comfort since it does not hurt the feet much. But if the sandals are only to be worn occasionally, one would better opt for one that is man-made. For beach and swimming purposes, rubber and flip-flop sandals are better choices.

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